Yellow Onions

Yellow Onions

Pungent yellow onions are the onions that work best for long storage. Yellow Globe and Copra are good picks for a long-storing yellow onion. Sweet Sandwich is a yellow hybrid onion that stores well. It grows as a long-day variety.

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  1. I heard that you are suppose to fold over the stalks on yellow onions if you want to make the bulb larger is this true.If not how long should i leave them in the ground. I live in minnesota so when should i pull them up. thank you for you help in advance.

  2. Pam,
    I live in SE Virginia and have been experimenting with onion growing for several years now and have found that the yellow onions do well if I I cut the tops off about 4 inches above the bulb, New stalks will come from the heart putting on another layer of flesh. when planting the bulbs set them right on the surface and nudge them down about a 1/8 of an inch,(no dirt on the bulbsides or top) as they grow continue the stalk cutting until the bulbs form a good size. keep dirt away from sides of bulb. when you see the mature bulb start to shed skin its ready to pick. You can ofcourse pick them anytime during the process for eating or seasoning and even cook and eat the cut tops. You can leave them in ground over winter as long as you provide a good mulch cover and pick all winter or next spring or the following year etc… onions are a crop that can go on and on.the most important rule is to not let them go to seed unless you want seed for a new crop

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